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Tips to Save Money on Television and Internet

How To Save Money On Your Internet Bill

  • Shop around to see if you get a better rate with other internet providers
  • Reduce your internet service (by choosing a plan with lower maximum download speeds)
  • Buy your own internet modem (instead of renting one from your internet provider)
  • Get on a promotional rate for your internet service.
  • Try to get an additional discount applied to your account (on top of a promotional discount) by calling your provider and ask to cancel. When asked why you’re cancelling, say it’s because “the service is too expensive.” Generally, this will prompt them to offer you an additional discount to save you as a customer.

How to Save Money On Your Television or Cable Bill

  • You can reduce your television service (by choosing a plan with less channels)
  • You can shop around for better rates from other providers (such as by switching to satellite)
  • You can cancel your cable or satellite TV subscription and instead:
    • Use an over-the-air antenna to receive local channels (and optionally use an antenna DVR to record those channels)
    • Use online services (such as Netflix or Sling TV) to receive your favorite TV shows, movies, and sports
  • You can seasonally subscribe to premium channels (when your favorite show is airing)
  • You can stop renting additional set-top boxes for additional rooms. Instead, stream the signal to other rooms.
  • You can make sure to get a promotional ‘new customer’ rate (even if you’re not a new customer)
  • You can call your provider and ask to cancel because the service is too expensive. Generally this will prompt them to offer you a discount.

Below is a chart which shows the possible television and internet options in my area:


For more in-depth discussion of each of these options and how to achieve these rates, follow the links above.