Tips to Save Money on your Phone

  • If you’re with a major phone carrier, get rid of your phone plan. No major carriers offer a competitive rate.
    • The lowest rates for the major carriers for unlimited calls, unlimited text, and 1 GB of data are:
      • Sprint – $40
      • T Mobile – $40
      • AT&T – $50
      • Verizon – $55 (2 GB of data)
  • If you use your phone a lot, then go with a discount carrier.
    • The disadvantage of discount carriers is that your coverage area is limited compared to major carriers. However, assuming you spend the majority of your time in populated areas, coverage will not be an issue. Occasionally when traveling in rural areas, you will not receive a signal. Your phone will still work in emergency situations though (such as by calling 911).
    • The lowest rates for discount carriers for unlimited calls, unlimited text, and 1 GB of data are:
      • Republic Wireless – $20
      • TPO Mobile – $25 (2 GB of data)
      • Tello US – $29
      • Boost Mobile – $30 (1GB of 4G LTE data, unlimited 2G data)
      • Virgin Mobile – $30 (500 MB of 4G LTE data, unlimited 2G data)
      • Google Fi – $30 ($20 for talk and text, $10 for 1 GB of data)
  • If you don’t use your phone plan a lot, you can pay $5-10 month using the following method:
    • Get a prepaid phone plan (which you’ll try not to use often)
    • Use wifi to message your friends (through WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger)
    • Use wifi to make the majority of your phone calls (through Skype)
    • Only use your phone plan when you’re out and unable to connect to wifi, but try to keep phone usage to a minimum when not connected to wifi
    • You will generally pay $5-10 per month for a phone plan using a prepaid plan and relying mostly on wifi
      • For example, TracFone offers a plan which gives a year of service, 1500 minutes, 1500 texts, and 1500 MB for $125. This comes out to $10.41 per month.
    • If you use your phone for entertainment purposes while you’re in public (such as to browse the internet while you’re waiting in line at the grocery store), explore using offline apps to entertain yourself when you’re not connected to wifi:
      • Download the kindle app and read books from your phone instead of browsing the internet
      • If you read reddit, you can download the ‘reddit offline’ app which allows you to download contents of subreddits to read offline