Food & Grocery


Tips to Save Money on Food

  • When you do shop at your local grocery store:
    • Look for items on clearance
    • Look for meat that is marked down because it is about to expire and cook it the same day
  • Shop seasonally for fruits and vegetables
    • The cost of the produce changes throughout the year. If you concentrate on buying produce that is in season, you will save money.
    • Buy frozen fruits and vegetables because you will not end up wasting any food due to spoilage
  • Grow your own food by starting a vegetable and herb garden
    • If you’re in an apartment, you can still grow many herbs
  • Make your own lunch and bring it to work
    • Make it a Sunday ritual to cook meals for lunch throughout the week
  • Make your own food instead of going out to restaurants
    • A romantic dinner made by (or with) your significant other can be just as good (or better) than going out
    • Invite friends over for a “bring your own meat” barbecue or a potluck dinner
    • Start a rotating dinner night with friends, where everyone takes turn cooking dinner for the group at their house.