• Make your laundry more energy and cost-efficient
    • Replace an electric dryer with a gas dryer ($40 to $80 annual savings)
    • Replace an electric water heater with a gas water heater ($100 annual savings)
    • Replace a standard clothes washer with a high efficiency model ($32 annual savings)
    • Use cold water to wash all of your clothes ($7 to $30 annual savings)
    • Air dry your clothes instead of using a machine dryer ($85 to $120 annual savings)
    • Live in an area with lower energy costs ($30 to $200 annual savings)
    • Buy generic detergent in bulk at a warehouse store ($25 annual savings)
    • Clean the lint trap regularly ($34 annual savings)
    • Only wash full loads of laundry (no partial loads)
  • You Don’t Save Money Using A Dishwasher (if you are a homeowner)
    • If you are a renter and your landlord is responsible for buying and installing the dishwasher, then using an automatic dishwasher is less expensive because you don’t have to pay equipment costs for the automatic dishwasher
    • If you are a homeowner and you are responsible for replacing the dishwasher, then manual hand washing is less expensive because of the smaller equipment cost